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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Abandoned to foster homes as a child, beautiful Charlotte "Charlie" Lawson is steel and velvet on the outside, but on the inside, she's vulnerable and lonely. Even though, deep down, she longs for romance, Charlie decided long ago that she wouldn't give anyone a chance to hurt her again...until sexy, compassionate Damian Westfield makes her believe she can let down her guard.

Everything about Charlie haunts Damian, including her mysterious friendship to his half-brother. It isn't long before Damian's search for the truth opens up Pandora’s Box and he uncovers his family's hidden past. The revelations bring him closer to Charlie. But an act of betrayal will soon force the woman he loves to choose between revenge against the people who hurt her...and trusting him with her heart.

"This is the finest category romance I have ever read. The heroine is a beautiful young woman haunted by her sad childhood in foster homes. The hero is a workaholic businessman who meets her through their half-brother and becomes utterly enchanted with her. The story of how they overcome secrets from the past and their present fears is truly wonderful. You will love this book!" ~ 5 Stars, ERV

"A sensual and moving story about a woman overcoming her past and the to-die-for hero who not only captures her heart, but works hard to keep it. Damian is every woman's dream. Don't miss this story!" ~ 5 Stars, Karen Drogin aka Carly Phillips


Now Available: Pandora's Box by Kat Attalla

Can a blazing new love chase away dark secrets?

Today blogging on Lisabet Sarai's erotic romance site. (And that's Erotic with a Capital "E"!) Glad feminism and freedom to speak freely about sex isn't entirely dead in the reading community.  Some of the reviews this book has acquired have let me know that the church ladies are still with us, and censoriously mouthing off, as eternal.

(Don't go here if you aren't over eighteen, or aren't a grown-up , and that includes the adult holier-than-thous.)


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mr. Klein

He was my music teacher at Skaneateles High School until my parents' divorce sent me off to the U.K. in the 9th grade. He was funny, witty, tall and rather thin, dressed in khakis, a white button down and a tie. Sometimes he wore a jacket, too, but sometimes, when he was working with his chorus or the band, he rolled up the sleeves. He had a long, large nose, wise brown eyes behind big glasses, and long musician's hands.

As this was back in the 50's, a time of teen angst, I don't really remember as much about him, or how he taught, or things he said, as I'd like to. He thought I might learn to be a vocalist, and though that probably wasn't likely, he cared enough to give me something to work toward, which is important for kids in general and which was very kind to me. The high point of my last year was singing a solo at the Christmas program. Even a few days later, broadcast by a local a.m. station, as one among the offerings of a hundred other high schools, I was proud to hear myself, clear and pitch perfect. If I'd stayed in Skaneateles, I probably would have studied music, simply because he was such an inspirational teacher.

My parents often went out to dance and hear music in Syracuse, and they came across Mr. Klein working another job, as pianist in a locally well-known jazz band. Those were the days when teachers didn't get paid very much, but this was more than just moonlighting. Mr. Klein's brown eyes always lit up in music class when he talked about "Jazz Hot" and "Jazz Cool," which was, according to him, the end point in the evolution of western musical tradition. "Jazz Cool," was, of course, what he preferred--and played.  At the big hotel, he was the featured player: "Pop Klein on the Piano," disguised, as were the rest of the band, behind hip dark glasses. It was, of course, a secret, not something that in those days the school board would have looked on kindly, so my parents swore me to secrecy.

Once, in class, Mr. Klein mentioned something about this other life, telling a story about another musician who was, around supper time, scratching  himself absently and saying "I got spag-eyes." Those not into jive talk imagined a horrible skin disease, but Mr. Klein explained that his hipster friend just wanted to go out for sphagetti.

Nope, I won't ever forget this marvelous teacher, the benign Mr. Klein! I hope he's still around somewhere, and that he has enjoyed the great stream of new jazz which has continued unabated ever since.

~~Juliet (Vandiver) Waldron

After writing her first big byline about a murder, journalist, Susan Weston is plagued with phone calls from the killer.

Available from Amazon at: http://amzn.to/PjLvDp

A.M. Westerling's blurb will appear on Feb. 22nd. Come back and check it out.

Roseanne Dowell

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Possum Soul/From the Bottom of the Bin

We're at the bottom of the bin, yes we possum are. Sometimes this bothers us, sometimes not. If I can borrow the royal (or insane) "we," I'll talk possum to you. I've been slogging away out here, serving the muse to the best of my ability, writing, and "scribbling, bibbling," as Amadeus had it, for many years now. My life feels like the movie 9-5, as others, newer to the game, vault over my back and climb the ladder to glory. I, instead, scuttle about in your moon lit backyard and hope that some drunken late night kid driver doesn't run me over, just for laughs.

Sometimes the past is larger than the future. This is happening to my cohort right about now. We were born just before the "baby boom," which has been following us around on big loud feet ever since we saw the light of day. At first, we were remarkable, because we were the tail end of the "baby bust." Depression and a World War had left children scarce on the ground, but then, suddenly, we were a cool rarity no longer simply because we were young children. I remember this feeling of sinking popularity, so can relate to old Hollywood actors whose glory days have come and gone.  By the fifties, everybody had a hoard of little brothers and sisters, except of course for me, the lonely only. I early learned that a mysterious Something called The RH factor had removed that possibility, though I'm not entirely certain either parent was interested in more than the one semi-obligatory child.

Sometimes the past is larger than the future. Very long ago--oh, eons--we marsupials were forerunners of that wildly successful line of placental mammals who have taken over this planet. We possum, parent tribe, alone remain in the West, tenderly snuffling about in hedges for bugs. slugs and worms and the lump of cassarole the old woman next door so thoughtfully threw out. We also like persimmon trees, grapes, berries, and fallen fruit in orchards. Sour or slimy or sweet, it's all grist to the old mill. Maybe, after the killer apes have finally blown themselves to smithereens, a few of us, the ancient possum, will still be shuffling about, nosing quietly through the ruins of what is so saucily termed "civilization."

~~Juliet Waldron


Sunday, February 17, 2013




ladyluxCURSE OF THE LOST ISLE, Medieval Fantasy Romance series, by Vijaya Schartz
From history shrouded in myths, emerges a family of immortal Celtic Ladies, who roam the medieval world in search of salvation from a curse. For centuries, imbued with hereditary gifts, they hide their deadly secret… but if the Church ever suspects what they really are, they will be hunted, tortured, and burned at the stake.
Book 1 – PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE (Scotland 806 AD)
Book 3 – SEDUCING SIGEFROI (963 AD Luxembourg)
Book 4 – LADY OF LUXEMBOURG (coming out very soon).
CURSE OF THE LOST ISLE SPECIAL EDITION (contains the first three novels in one download).
5-star review on Amazon – “Edgy medieval, Yeah!”
“Schartz is an accomplished writer, whose pacing, conflicts, and goals are always complex and whose good characters are always likeable, and whose villains are evil incarnate. You have to like her villains as much as the good guys! Mattacks is a magnificent example of this!” – 5 stars – Manic Readers
Find out more about Vijaya Schartz and her books at http://www.vijayaschartz.com
Check this blog again on February 18, to meet author Juliet Waldron.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

BWL Blurbathon

Welcome to the Books We Love Blurbathon.

A sweeping tale of love's triumph over tragedy and treachery in frontier Australia .
A mistaken identity opens the door for Martin Mulvaney to take his revenge on the
granddaughter of his mortal enemy.
An old Scottish feud, a love that should never have happened, and a series of
extraordinary coincidences traps two lovers in a family vendetta that threatens
to destroy their love, if not their lives.

Please check back for more of these Blurbs, some traditional and non-traditional romance, too,
from BWL