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Friday, April 18, 2014


…Ignored now, Caterina stood, water streaming off her.  She was red headed and tall.  Her eyes, green as bottle glass, blazed with fury.  What would have been fair skin if she'd been a more conventionally house-bound female was lightly tanned and dusted with tiny golden freckles.  Her budding womanliness was shown off to advantage by a man's riding habit, jacket, shirt and knee breeches, all of it plastered to her willowy frame.

              Christoph, who had been admiring her, decided to remind her of his presence.  Seizing one of her long legs, he tumbled her down again.

              "By God," he cried, strong arms locking around her, "Come here, Coz.  I'd like to teach you to kiss as well as you ride."

              Howls of laughter erupted from the onlookers as Christoph wrestled Caterina close.  The whole time he kept whispering that one little kiss wouldn't hurt, that "Your sister won't mind.”                          
             Arms locked against his formidable chest, resisting with all her might, Caterina thought that Christoph was just doing what he always did-seeing how far he could get!     

              As they tussled, witty encouragement was shouted from the bridge.

              "Give the skinny tomboy a lesson."

              "Just what our Hell Cat needs."

              "Yes!"  Max laughed.  "Kisses, a wedding and babies.  Then I won't have to worry that she's going to show up on that winged steed of hers and lose me my wagers."

              "Swine!" Somehow Cat was managing to keep his lips away.  "Especially you, Christoph von Hagen.  Let me go!"

            "As you wish, Fraulein von Velsen."  Just as suddenly as he'd started, he released her.  Still, there was that unbearable smile, those bright eyes flashing amusement…


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