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Sunday, February 7, 2016

The White Stag

Sabine believes she's seen her lost love.


The stag lifted his head and she saw how pale he was, like polished ivory. He carried eight fine points; he was as magnificent as those who had seen him had reported.


            Dark, large eyes surveyed her. Not an albino, just as reported! She could feel her heart begin to pound from the intensity of his gaze. The creature was at a distance, but his eyes seemed to glow like black coals. His sides heaved. When he rose, the entire herd followed.   All heads turned Sabine’s way. The stag made a huffing noise, his exhalation two cones of steam in the frigid air. The does began to move away from her, back into cover. She felt a terrible longing, the ache of things lost—maybe forever.


            “Is that you, my Lord?” She cried aloud, the sound of her voice echoing in this empty place. She opened her arms wide, imploring.


            The outline of the creature wavered. For one dizzying instant, Sabine saw a human face suspended between the antlers, the contours weirdly elongated.


            With a final snort, the white stag spun and leapt away, crashing into the underbrush after the others.

~~Juliet Waldron
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