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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rose's Curse

And for this week's Halloween snippet, here's a witchy hex from Roan Rose:

When I had time, I went into the fields, off and on for days after, searching for herbs of the season. At last, I found all that was needed to make a potion so deadly it would take down an ox. With great care I prepared, and then poured it into a brown glass bottle I’d tucked in the back of the medicine chest. Around the neck, as warning, I knotted black thread and a fragile bird’s bone.
This was for dear Hugh, if he ever came back.
Praying that I did not have to use it and end up hanged, I sat with my three-legged pot quite late during the next dark of the moon. I had carefully sewed a poppet, stuffing it with his hair from a brush and snips of cloth from a ragged sweat-stained shirt he'd left behind.

I wished him impotence. I wished the wound I'd given would fester. I wished the last of his hair from his head. I took my knife and slowly sawed away the legs at the knees, one at a time. I dug pins first into the eyes and then into the heart. Lastly, I spoke a little charm I’d made:

Black Lady freeze his soul

Black Lady eat him whole

May he burrow like a mole

May the Devil be his dole

Cold his flesh and damned his soul,

Down in Hell's nether hole.

The work, the charm, and the greasy flaming of the poppet as it burned, made me feel a great deal better...."

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