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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Abandoned to foster homes as a child, beautiful Charlotte "Charlie" Lawson is steel and velvet on the outside, but on the inside, she's vulnerable and lonely. Even though, deep down, she longs for romance, Charlie decided long ago that she wouldn't give anyone a chance to hurt her again...until sexy, compassionate Damian Westfield makes her believe she can let down her guard.

Everything about Charlie haunts Damian, including her mysterious friendship to his half-brother. It isn't long before Damian's search for the truth opens up Pandora’s Box and he uncovers his family's hidden past. The revelations bring him closer to Charlie. But an act of betrayal will soon force the woman he loves to choose between revenge against the people who hurt her...and trusting him with her heart.

"This is the finest category romance I have ever read. The heroine is a beautiful young woman haunted by her sad childhood in foster homes. The hero is a workaholic businessman who meets her through their half-brother and becomes utterly enchanted with her. The story of how they overcome secrets from the past and their present fears is truly wonderful. You will love this book!" ~ 5 Stars, ERV

"A sensual and moving story about a woman overcoming her past and the to-die-for hero who not only captures her heart, but works hard to keep it. Damian is every woman's dream. Don't miss this story!" ~ 5 Stars, Karen Drogin aka Carly Phillips


Now Available: Pandora's Box by Kat Attalla

Can a blazing new love chase away dark secrets?

Today blogging on Lisabet Sarai's erotic romance site. (And that's Erotic with a Capital "E"!) Glad feminism and freedom to speak freely about sex isn't entirely dead in the reading community.  Some of the reviews this book has acquired have let me know that the church ladies are still with us, and censoriously mouthing off, as eternal.

(Don't go here if you aren't over eighteen, or aren't a grown-up , and that includes the adult holier-than-thous.)