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Friday, July 10, 2015

ANGEL'S FLIGHT ~ Angelica's American Revolution ~

~A dangerous war time journey awaits~
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"Such dull clothes on that extremely good looking Mr. Carter!  Like a Boston merchant." Aunt Laetitia had been the first to bring up the mystery man.

Swaying in the cold darkness inside her aunt's coach, Angelica had replied, "Minerva Bradford says he has retired from the army, but he carries himself like a military man."

"Quite. His Excellency received Mr. Carter with great civility. In conversation, he was most charming, but he does not look like the Dorset Carters at all. I knew that family very well, and they are always brown," her Aunt said with decision. "Quite brown, eyes, skin and hair. The Carters all have freckles, too. Carter cannot possibly be his name."

"But, Aunt Laetitia, it seems most unlikely that the Governor would have received Mr. Carter without knowing exactly who he was. He told me he was going to some family land by Kingston."

"Yes, so he said when we were with Lady Tryon," her aunt replied. "'Tis a bad time for a visit north."

"Exactly what Minerva said."

"Those dirty rebels will no doubt try to execute him on some trumped up charge. A terrible pity, for he is obviously a gentleman of good breeding."

"I have an idea," Angelica replied, "that Mr. Carter knows how to take care of himself."

 Now on sale $.99 at Amazon: http://amzn.com/B0098CSH5Q

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~ Juliet Waldron ~