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Sunday, July 26, 2015

ROAN ROSE ~ Love Comes to Rose

It's more than loyalty for Rose. There's love, too.

My flat girl's chest pressed against his wool and linen padded jousting jacket. Even through thirty layers of fabric, I swear, I could feel his heart beat.  I could smell him, too, the sweat and horses of the tilting yard, his dark, sun-warmed hair. Strawberries spilled into the grass. In that instant, with strong boy's arms locked around me, my life changed forever.


            And why should this have been so important? I have plowed and planted beside a prudent, hardworking husband. I have borne and raised children of whom I am devilishly proud. I have healed the sick of every kind, and soothed the passage from this world of those I could not save.

            I have taught the lore of herbs. I have brewed a famous ale, to the benefit of my family. Why should a kiss, a mere trial by a royal boy, be so perfectly remembered?

Juliet Waldron
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ISBN:   978-149224158X


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