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Sunday, July 26, 2015

ROAN ROSE ~ Love Comes to Rose

It's more than loyalty for Rose. There's love, too.

My flat girl's chest pressed against his wool and linen padded jousting jacket. Even through thirty layers of fabric, I swear, I could feel his heart beat.  I could smell him, too, the sweat and horses of the tilting yard, his dark, sun-warmed hair. Strawberries spilled into the grass. In that instant, with strong boy's arms locked around me, my life changed forever.


            And why should this have been so important? I have plowed and planted beside a prudent, hardworking husband. I have borne and raised children of whom I am devilishly proud. I have healed the sick of every kind, and soothed the passage from this world of those I could not save.

            I have taught the lore of herbs. I have brewed a famous ale, to the benefit of my family. Why should a kiss, a mere trial by a royal boy, be so perfectly remembered?

Juliet Waldron
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ISBN:   978-149224158X


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Friday, July 17, 2015

ANGEL'S FLIGHT ~ Beginning the Round Robin

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The bluebird quilt, the heart of the story, is inspired by a single piece.

“Here. Before I forget.” Minerva broke into her thoughts. Slipping a long, fair hand into a pocket, her friend removed a single, neatly pressed rectangle of printed calico.

“Oh! Just look!” The print—destined to be the center of a quilt Angelica and her friends had planned to sew round robin—was a distraction. On an ivory background, a pair of bluebirds flew on either side of a brown nest containing a clutch of eggs. It was a triumph of the most modern method of textile printing, executed by a craftsman who had used a Dutch nature print for his inspiration.

“This is from a Philadelphia shop,” Minerva replied. “Even my William allows it is as handsomely done as any English piece he’s seen.”

“What a wonderful choice for our center! Such a sweet scene— and so many nice colors to work with!”

~~ Juliet Waldron
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Friday, July 10, 2015

ANGEL'S FLIGHT ~ Angelica's American Revolution ~

~A dangerous war time journey awaits~
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"Such dull clothes on that extremely good looking Mr. Carter!  Like a Boston merchant." Aunt Laetitia had been the first to bring up the mystery man.

Swaying in the cold darkness inside her aunt's coach, Angelica had replied, "Minerva Bradford says he has retired from the army, but he carries himself like a military man."

"Quite. His Excellency received Mr. Carter with great civility. In conversation, he was most charming, but he does not look like the Dorset Carters at all. I knew that family very well, and they are always brown," her Aunt said with decision. "Quite brown, eyes, skin and hair. The Carters all have freckles, too. Carter cannot possibly be his name."

"But, Aunt Laetitia, it seems most unlikely that the Governor would have received Mr. Carter without knowing exactly who he was. He told me he was going to some family land by Kingston."

"Yes, so he said when we were with Lady Tryon," her aunt replied. "'Tis a bad time for a visit north."

"Exactly what Minerva said."

"Those dirty rebels will no doubt try to execute him on some trumped up charge. A terrible pity, for he is obviously a gentleman of good breeding."

"I have an idea," Angelica replied, "that Mr. Carter knows how to take care of himself."

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~ Juliet Waldron ~

Friday, July 3, 2015

NIGHTINGALE ~ Friday Freebit

To Klara's delight, her musician sweetheart is also a cat lover.
“My grandfather is a keeper of cats,” Akos spoke into the silence. “Ever since I was small, I’ve always had one of my own. Actually,” he said with a smile, “as you perhaps know, a better description of the situation might be that I belong to the cat.”

Klara smiled. His interest in Satz was not feigned.

“And what is your cat like?”

“In my case, I am owned by a queen cat, a lady of many colors. Her name is Zuzanna. She is a good mother and a fine mouser.”

“What happens to all the kittens?” Klara knew that was another thing Max hated about cats, their fertility.

“Zuzanna is populating the Prince’s palace thoroughly, but her kittens are beautiful and find homes.”

“Fortunate for them,” said Klara. She knew that surplus kittens were generally given to servants to drown. She’d be hard pressed to give such an order herself.

“Cats are discriminating about whose life they enter. If a cat trusts you, it is a great compliment.”

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~Juliet Waldron ~
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