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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Revolutionary War Love, Adventure & Romance


Jack and Angelica, on the run again from a fortune-hunting British officer.

Jack slowed the horse to a walk. He took one of the pieces of cornpone out of his pocket and passed it back to her.

Angelica studied the slab—a heavy, yellow slab dotted with black-eye beans—disapprovingly. It was overcooked and dry, certainly not the way she made it!

She soon decided, however, that in this situation, dry and hard was better. Although Jack doubtless had a pocket full of crumbs, there wouldn’t be mushy bean ooze as well.

“I believe,” Jack said, chewing, “we’re extremely fortunate Miss Grace possesses a romantic nature.”

“Unlucky, though, that we had to run like that,” Angelica observed with a sigh. “A cup of tea would’ve been lovely. Not to mention breakfast.”

“A few more moments in bed with you would’ve been lovely, too.” He flashed a grin.

“A gentleman would not mention that.” She enhanced the reproof with a smart, sisterly cuff to his shoulder.

Jack responded by chuckling. “Dear Miss Ten Broeck, you are quite right. Another few minutes of kissing that sweet mouth of yours, and I fear that I wouldn’t have been in a responsible frame of mind at all.”

“Shouldn’t we be going faster?” Angelica was cross, with herself, and with him, too.

“Well, I’m taking a chance, but the best thing is not to go off at a gallop. We should look as if we have no particular reason to hurry.”

Now, dressed and riding together again, the episode in the bedroom was swiftly taking on the fading tingle of a naughty dream. And what was that she had seen shining from Jack’s translucent eyes?

Danger? Or was it a—promise?

How sweet his kisses, how disarming his wiles! But, oh! What might have happened if they had been left undisturbed? How easy it would’ve been, she thought, allowing a delicious wicked thrill run through her, to just let him go on, to lie back in those strong arms and let his knowing caresses …

~Juliet Waldron

~Revolutionary War~
~Love, Adventure, History~

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