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Thursday, June 5, 2014



Riding to find her estranged husband who is at war in the East, Caterina is betrayed, captured and sold into a harem.

She still couldn't believe what she saw when she opened her eyes.


There was the same morning light, the same sun that shone on her at home, shining through the bars of a room that had become her cage.


Her past, the wild Heldenberg, her freedom—all of it, gone!


Lost to a chimera, a dream that she would ride to find her man, that this would prove her true, true love, this facing danger for him…and what had it brought? Nothing but death and destruction to those who had bent to the folly of her desire and will.


And Rossmann—that traitor!
He was everything Cvitjeto had said and more--who had encouraged her, who had ridden with her knee to knee, who had smiled and taught her from his store of knowledge, who had so completely gained her trust all through the lonely, fatal summer...  


~~Juliet Waldron
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Rhobin said...

Great six -- betrayal is always a great motivation to read on.

Kathy Fischer-Brown said...

Great book. Intriguing six.

Juliet Waldron said...

Thanks so much, ladies!